Forex Auto Pilot Software

The Forex Auto Pilot System (F.A.P.S) is software designed to run on your computer and automate some of the tasks involved with trading in the forex market. It was created with “set it and forget it” functionality.

Who is behind Forex Auto Pilot?

Forex Auto Pilot was developed by Marcus Leary, who worked as a successful Forex trader for a famous songwriter, and Steven Strauss, a programming specialist.

The duo combined Leary’s Forex knowledge with Strauss’ software skills to create this automated trading system for both global corporations and individual traders.

The Forex Auto Pilot System involves 3 steps:

  1. Download the Forex Auto Pilot software.
  2. Open a demo or real account with your broker.
  3. Run the software on your new account to help make your investments grow.

Forex Auto Pilot helps to define investment trends. The automated Forex robot analyzes the market to know exactly when to trade to maximize profits. Also, new investors can practice before they start ‘live’ trading by sharpening their investments skills on a demo account.

The Forex Auto Pilot system includes:

  • Forex Autopilot Robotic software plus set up instructions and manuals;
  • A bonus Non Farm Payroll Robot Complement; and
  • A bonus Ultra Trend Advisor.

So is Forex Auto Pilot worth trying?

Yes, it is because it’s a powerful piece of software that has already helped thousands make extra money trading the forex. If you’re going to trade the forex market, you might as well use software that will make you more efficient and effective.

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