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Doubling Stocks Newsletter

The Doubling Stocks program was developed by two investment professionals, Michael and Carl, who created the first commercially available stock picking robot named “Marl”.

Marl analyzes stocks using technical analysis based on past price movements to predict future direction.

The robot also monitors hundreds of stocks at once and learns their most likely direction under thousands of situations.

Here is what Marl does:

  • Marl analyzes 7 charts every second as opposed to a professional stock trader who analyzes one stock chart every 8 to 10 seconds.
  • Marl process 1,986,832 mathematical calculations per second.
  • Marl constantly perfects its trading formula.
  • Marl looks at support and resistance levels, volume traded, consolidation patterns and trend reversals patterns.
  • Marl is responsible for creating 86 millionaires and 13 multi-millionaires.

The problem is, it costs $28,000.

Because the Average Joe doesn’t have this amount of money to shell out, Michael and Carl started the Doubling Stocks newsletter. Each week every reader of the newsletter receives one penny stock pick chosen by Marl.

Just four months after the newsletter started, each pick has realized an average of 105.28 percent increase within about 3 hours of the market opening. And the Doubling Stocks newsletter has already been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Business Week.

So is the Doubling Stocks newsletter worth trying?

Yes, it is. It has a proven track record for picking winning penny stocks using a complex formula executed by a robot. Plus, Doubling Stocks is backed up by a company with the professional experience needed to make you successful. If you are looking for a way to boost your income with penny stocks, this is the ideal program for you.

Forex Killer Software

Whether you’re a forex trading beginner or you’re a seasoned trader, Forex Killer is software designed to help you profit from trading without spending endless hours researching and monitoring market movements.

Who created the Forex Killer Software?

It was developed by Andreas Kirchberger, a former advisor for Deutsche Bank, and two of his colleagues, a mathematics professor and a behavioral psychologist…and it’s the only working forex signal generator on the market today.

Forex Killer helps you learn forex trading on a demo account without risking real money. And when you’re ready to apply what you’ve learned, you can start trading with real money for real profits.

Here are some of the benefits of Forex Killer:

  • Forex Killer works with all trading platforms – just feed it market data and follow the trading advice;
  • It works anywhere in the world with any broker;
  • It applies to every currency pair and any financial market;
  • Data can be fed into Forex Killer from any broker’s platform for free and a list of recommended brokers is provided; and
  • You get free software updates for life.

Is the Forex Killer Software worth trying?

Yes, it is because it’s a powerful piece of software that has already helped thousands make extra money trading the forex. If you’re going to trade the forex market, you might as well use software that will make you more efficient and effective.

Promo Stock Picks Newsletter

Promo Stock Picks is an investment newsletter created by Jason Fuller (pictured below), the man responsible for launching one of the most successful penny stock newsletters in the world.

In fact, of the 225 people who originally subscribed to Jason’s newsletter in 1997, an impressive 35 of these people are now documented millionaires.

Now Jason is offering the Promo Stock Picks newsletter so you can capitalize on the profits of penny stocks yourself.

Here are some more details:

  • Just you and a select group of people will have access to Jason Fuller’s promo stock picks before he officially launches his promotions;
  • He averaged a 127 percent gain for every penny stock he’s promoted since 1997; and
  • He picked at least two 500 percent gainers every year since 1997.

Previously, access to Jason’s penny stock newsletter was by “invitation only”. The public, however, can now join his investment group by subscribing to Promo Stock Picks.

So is Promo Stock Picks worth trying?

Yes, it is. You gain access to Jason Fuller’s professionally-picked penny stocks. In fact, he was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s Magazine as “Entrepreneur of the Year.” If you’re going to invest in penny stocks, you might as well pick the brain of an expert.

Forex Auto Pilot Software

The Forex Auto Pilot System (F.A.P.S) is software designed to run on your computer and automate some of the tasks involved with trading in the forex market. It was created with “set it and forget it” functionality.

Who is behind Forex Auto Pilot?

Forex Auto Pilot was developed by Marcus Leary, who worked as a successful Forex trader for a famous songwriter, and Steven Strauss, a programming specialist.

The duo combined Leary’s Forex knowledge with Strauss’ software skills to create this automated trading system for both global corporations and individual traders.

The Forex Auto Pilot System involves 3 steps:

  1. Download the Forex Auto Pilot software.
  2. Open a demo or real account with your broker.
  3. Run the software on your new account to help make your investments grow.

Forex Auto Pilot helps to define investment trends. The automated Forex robot analyzes the market to know exactly when to trade to maximize profits. Also, new investors can practice before they start ‘live’ trading by sharpening their investments skills on a demo account.

The Forex Auto Pilot system includes:

  • Forex Autopilot Robotic software plus set up instructions and manuals;
  • A bonus Non Farm Payroll Robot Complement; and
  • A bonus Ultra Trend Advisor.

So is Forex Auto Pilot worth trying?

Yes, it is because it’s a powerful piece of software that has already helped thousands make extra money trading the forex. If you’re going to trade the forex market, you might as well use software that will make you more efficient and effective.

Boosting Your ROI in Stock Market Investing

Everyone wants a high return on their investment in stock market trading. First let’s consider the basics and the ways to earn the most on your investments.

Return on Investment

Usually referred to as ROI, the Return on Investment in stock market investing is the profit earned from selling a security or other asset divided by the amount of the original investment. With stocks, your ROI is expressed as an APR (annual percentage rate).

Your ROI is all the income you make on the stock, which also includes profit earned from selling the stock. When the sales price plus any other income is higher than the price you purchased the stock for, your ROI is positive.

When the sale price plus any other income is lower than the price you bought the stock for, you have a negative ROI (which is obviously what you want to avoid). In fact, as a trader in the stock market, your goal is a high ROI, not just a positive one. To achieve a substantial ROI, consider the following methods to boost your current stock investing efforts.

Know What You Are PurchasingStock

To ensure a high ROI in stock market investing, garner as much information as you can about the company you want to invest your money in. A bit of basic analysis to find out if the stock is worth the asking price can go a long way. Rather than gambling, you can also ask other people to do this research for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Reliable research resources include the websites of major brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and finance publications. There are also paid newsletter that offer this information.

A Bull Market Is Not The Same As Smart Investing

When you earn a high ROI in stock market investing, there are many reasons for it. One of the possible reasons is your wise investment strategy. Another reason can simply be the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time so you wind up making money with minimal effort. We may feel smarter when the market is soaring so we get tempted to take on riskier positions and trade more frequently, which may not be the wisest decision.

Deactivate Active Trading

You may feel tempted to trade frequently when you are gaining. With online stock trading, investment is a mouse click away which can make you even more impulsive. Remember that it is difficult to make money by beating the stock market consistently. In stock market trading, it is better to have a buy and hold strategy to ensure a high ROI.

Take Note of The Tax Man

Pay attention to tax ramifications when trading stocks. Frequent trading can become extremely costly, especially when major income taxes are triggered by profits. By buying and holding for a period of at least one year, you would qualify for a lower capital gains rate. Your financial advisor should be able to consult with you on this.

Stock Investing

Using Stock Market Software for Improved Investing

Ever since man invented the computer, it has become an invaluable tool. As more people learn to use the computer and take advantage of its capabilities, it has become a part of our everyday lives. And computer use is growing each year.

With computers in homes, offices and libraries across the country, the majority of people have access to this technology. Many people are turning to different types of computer software to fulfill a variety of needs with regard to finances, household organization and different business ventures. Software is tailored to suite the clientele and make their lives easier.stock market

Today, a great number of people access their banking information online. From one single account, people can enroll other accounts that include utilities and bills for credit cards. You can even schedule payments for insurance premiums and mortgage payments to ensure they are made on time. The financial world has advanced because of computers to improve transactions for consumers so they are safer and more convenient.

As banking accounts became accessible online, so did stock market investments. The shift from person to person trading has been made to a more sophisticated type of online stock trading. Because of this, companies put up their own websites to encourage their clients to perform the majority of their transactions online. Usually these transactions are done by using stock market software.

To gain access to this information, investors may subscribe for free or pay a stated amount for an account through the trading company’s website. When an investor does this, he needs to download and install the particular stock market software used by the company he works with. This is done so the trading company and the subscriber will be using the same platform.

A wide variety of stock market software is available on the market today. This ranges from simple to extremely sophisticated. The majority of these applications offer similar basic features of a graphical user interface (GUI) that help a user to perform one or more said tasks. This type of stock market software is typically intended for use on a large scale. There are also types of software that cater to personal use. For example, investors can install and use personal financial managers on their computers and digital assistants.

Investors can use the software of their preference to manage their accounts and check on the current value of their stocks. This helps online investors because the GUI helps them to quickly and easily perform routine investment tasks.

Trading companies separately purchase stock market software to use for transactions with their clients. Usually these trading companies have an agreement with the software developer so they can use their product at a lower cost. Other companies hire a software developer to design a customized package tailored to their unique needs.

Innovative stock market software offers investors a valuable tool to maximize the potential of their investments. Unlike days gone by, investors have immediate access to any information they want prior to making market investments.

How Does Stock Market Trading Work?

Stock market trading is a popular way to earn money with unlimited earning potential when you completely understand how things work. And with a few basic how to’s, it can be easy to get started.

What is Stock?

Stock is actually owning part of a company. Each share of stock stands for a small slice of ownership in the overall corporate pie. When a person holds more shares, he owns a larger portion of the company. Owning a greater portion of the company means bigger dividends are earned by the shareholder when the company profits.

About The Stock MarketStock Market Trend

The stock market is the forum where publicly held company stock and related financial instruments are traded. Financial instruments may include stock index futures and stock options. Stock market trading is the actual sale or purchase of commodities or securities in the stock market itself.

Two Ways To Trade

Basically, there are two methods of stock market trading. The traditional way of trading occurs in an open outcry manner on the stock exchange floor of the stock market. Modern stock trading is conducted via electronic exchanges and all occurrences take place in real time online.

On the stock exchange floor, the stock market trading atmosphere is chaotic and noisy. The stock market is filled with hundreds of people gesturing, shouting and rushing around when the stock market is open. Stock traders are seen chatting on phones, entering data into computer terminals and watching the consoles closely.

With online stock market trading, computer networks are used as opposed to trading off the stock market floor. A large network of computers is employed to match sellers and buyers in the electronic market instead of using human stock brokers. Although this method is not as bustling and exciting as the stock market exchange floor, it is quicker and more effective.

How To Get Started

What is the first step to take when stock market trading? Whether a person decides to invest electronically or on the stock market exchange floor, the first step is to get an investment broker.

To start traditional stock trading on the floor, a person requests the broker purchase a said number of shares on the market. Once the request is made, the order department for the broker forwards the order to the floor clerk. The clerk then alerts a trader to locate another trader who will sell the shares the investor wanted. The deal closes when the two traders agree on a price with notification sent back the same way. Ultimately, the broker gets in touch with the investor to tell him the final price for the shares. The entire process may take awhile, based on the current market and stocks. After a few days, the investor will finally receive a confirmation in the mail.

Investing electronically is much faster and far less complicated. Computers match the buying and selling of stock in real time. Savvy investors have the distinct advantage of instant updates on stock trade happenings.

How Does The Stock Market Work?

How does the stock market work? In a nutshell, the stock market is a market place for business people. Goods are sold to the public in a public market. However, in the stock market, the public is sold share. Shares are the form in which company stock is sold. When a person purchases more shares in a company, they have a higher ownership in that company.

In the stock market, there is the primary market and the secondary market. In the primary market, companies sell shares to investors to raise financing for their operating expenses. In the secondary market, investors buy and sell shares in companies to other investors. Constantly changing market conditions are the basis of those buy and sell decisions.

A stock market operates much like an auction house, with a systematic way of buying and selling. The system in the stock market involves a great deal of bustling activity. Often there are people running around frantically, shouting and gesturing at one another.

The purchase and sale of stock starts at various places. A broker is contacted if a person wants to buy stocks in a certain company. The broker will take the investor’s money to the stock exchange to coordinate with a floor broker.

In most cases, the floor broker works for the company selling stock. Right on the stock exchange floor, brokers buy the desired stock for the investor. Once the deal is made, it is communicated to a broker and the investor then becomes a stockholder of that particular company.

Investors may decide to sell their stock. Usually investors want to sell their stock when the price per share increases so they can realize a profit on their investment. For example, a person may purchase 100 shares at the price of $25 per share. When the price increases to $35 per share, the person can sell the 100 shares and make a profit of $1,000.Stock market work

The driving force behind the stock market is the basic economic principal of supply and demand. The number of stocks open to the public is the supply. The number of shares that investors what to purchase affects the demand of the stock in a certain company.

The constant change in the cost of stock is a result of conditions in other markets. For example, if people feel that the economy is growing they are apt to purchase more stocks. However, when the economy is in a decline, the majority of investors tend to sell off their stocks. On the flip side, some investors use this time to buy because the stock prices are usually at a discount.

There are quite a few business people who make long term investments in the stock market. In some situations, stocks go down in value and a stockholder loses money. There is no guaranteed profit when investing in the stock market. Thus, when a person is flexible and able to handle the constant changes of the stock exchange they are more likely to experience a profit.

So this is how the stock market works. In the end, patience, education and experience usually equals greater long term success.

Stock Market Strategy for Long Term Success

While investing in the stock market is a risky proposition, that should not stop aspiring investors from taking that first leap. The secret of investing lies in having a stock market strategy for long term success.

Be knowledgeable.Stock Market Strategy

Savvy investors only get into a stock market investment after they become aware of the necessary information about the company. It is unwise to invest in companies before learning everything about them including future plans, current performance and their past history.

It is impossible for an investor to know everything right away. Getting investment advice helps investors locate the right stock that will offer significant profits over time. And an investor should always be aware of the fundamental value of the stock they are purchasing.

Choose to invest in a company that is part of a familiar industry. An investor should have a decent understanding of the business they are investing in so they can fully comprehend the value of the stock. By having this type of knowledge, investors are more independent and do not need to rely solely on advisers and analysts.

Investors should carefully select the sources of information they rely upon. Tips offered out in the stock market should usually be avoided as they are typically provided by people with vested interest.

Have a long term goal.

When investors get started in the stock market, it is important to set a long term goal for success. The goal determines the approaches to be used and influences the decision made in the future. Having a solid goal ensures greater regularity in the face of indecision when the stock market moves.

A long term goal helps investors avoid making spur of the moment decisions that could negatively affect their financial picture. A long term goal helps investors create a more stable financial future by making steady investment purchases. With a long term goal in mind, an investor has greater consistency.

Only take calculated risks.

Speculative ventures must be avoided when investing in the stock market. While there are risks in any business enterprise, they must be calculated carefully to reduce the possibility of loss and maximize potential profits. Guesswork simply does not work when it comes to stock market investing.

The stock market is not a gamble.

Stock investing is not gambling and should not be treated as a game. Investor can lose major money in the stock market and investments simply should not incur huge losses. It is simple to purchase stocks, but difficult to regain lost money.

No investor can afford to make costly mistakes in the stock market. When investors have the desire to gamble, the long term goal must be strictly reviewed and then followed. By revisiting the long term goal, investors can minimize the probability of investing too much money and losing it all.

Be disciplined.

Self-motivation is required for successful investing. To make the most of the stock market, the investor needs to have discipline and determination to keep persevering to achieve their goals.

To be a winner in investing today, you must have courage, passion, knowledge and a stock market strategy. A prudent investor can take advantage of the myriad of opportunities in the stock market for greater financial freedom in the future.

The Use of Stock Investment Tools

In days past, stock market information was limited and often buyers depended on stockbrokers to try to get the facts about investments. Today there are a variety of stock investment tools to assist modern investors and maximize the amount of information they can find about potential investments and trading activities.

The widespread use of the Internet puts a wealth of information at your fingertips right away. The Internet has facts about many publicly listed companies in the United States. Certain websites provide free research information, which may be rather general in nature but still useful to beginners. Other companies publish in-depth research reports outlining the activities of listed companies. These detailed reports may only be offered through a subscription, which may be an expensive choice for retail based investors. Based on the quality of the research provided about the company, such detailed reports may wind up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.Stock Investment Tools

For simple background facts, stock investors can peruse news articles, analyst reviews and research reports intended to supply fundamental company information. This basic information can come from analyzing previously published financial reports or catching up on current news events regarding the company’s activities. This fundamental research can be a place to start to obtain more information so investors can adequately analyze the data to make educated investment decisions.

Investors can also take advantage of a variety of stock investment tools that offer management or raw data including current stock quotes, index performances or historical price data. Such tools may be purchased from a software company and then installed in computers. These tools assist in gathering, processing and analyzing raw data so the information is more useful to the investor.

For example, an investor can take raw data of the historical closing prices of certain companies and run it through investment software to find out additional information such as the volume of stocks traded on a particular company for a said period of time or the historical price trend of one company compared to an index of other companies. These stock investment tools generate reports that assist investors in developing more effective trading strategies from the raw data they originally had.

Certain stock investment tools purchased from various software companies may cost hundreds of dollars. This type of pricey investment may not be practical for small scale investors looking to make a profit right away. Individual or beginning investors can take advantage of analysis tools on the Internet made available from stock market companies for free to their clients. These tools are also made available for free to online investment clients to help them develop their trading strategies to try to achieve profits.

Efficient stock investment tools, research products and information are readily accessible on the Internet for your convenience. However, it still requires data gathering, interpretation of analysis and careful planning to ensure successful trading. By using some online tools and careful analysis of the data, investors can develop viable trades for long term investment growth.