Promo Stock Picks Newsletter

Promo Stock Picks is an investment newsletter created by Jason Fuller (pictured below), the man responsible for launching one of the most successful penny stock newsletters in the world.

In fact, of the 225 people who originally subscribed to Jason’s newsletter in 1997, an impressive 35 of these people are now documented millionaires.

Now Jason is offering the Promo Stock Picks newsletter so you can capitalize on the profits of penny stocks yourself.

Here are some more details:

  • Just you and a select group of people will have access to Jason Fuller’s promo stock picks before he officially launches his promotions;
  • He averaged a 127 percent gain for every penny stock he’s promoted since 1997; and
  • He picked at least two 500 percent gainers every year since 1997.

Previously, access to Jason’s penny stock newsletter was by “invitation only”. The public, however, can now join his investment group by subscribing to Promo Stock Picks.

So is Promo Stock Picks worth trying?

Yes, it is. You gain access to Jason Fuller’s professionally-picked penny stocks. In fact, he was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s Magazine as “Entrepreneur of the Year.” If you’re going to invest in penny stocks, you might as well pick the brain of an expert.

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